Gettings metrics from Proxmox

I got a Proxmox server running, and under Datacenter I am able to use Metrics, and Influxdb.
That is it, no version no nothing.


As you can see I am not able to change org or bucket, I have done what this page suggests:

Should I create an proxmox reciver bucket? And an proxmox org? If so how do I do that?

@mhall119 @Jay_Clifford any clue here?

Hi @mattias ,
Hope you are doing well. A couple of things to check:

  1. Did you add the UDP configuration to the InfluxDB config file and restart it?

  2. When you created your InfluxDB instance did you log in via the UI to setup?

  3. I assume since you are using buckets that you are using InfluxDB 2.X

  4. How are you running your InfluxDB instance? Via Docker containers or installed directly on host?

If not:

  1. login via http://:8086
  2. create proxmox org and proxmox bucket. Generate the token for the bucket aswell.