Processors.regex.tags not working all the time


on windows performance counter there is “User Input Delay per Process” that allow to evaluate reactivity response on process.

i collect them and treat the data, using processors.regex.tags to clean up the data

the instance come like that “1:4568 <EXCEL.EXE>”

and i look for having only “EXCEL”

but it seems that it’s not processing all the time

  metricpass = "fields.Max_Input_Delay > 0"
  ObjectName = "User Input Delay per Session"
  Instances = ["*"]
  Counters = ["Max Input Delay"]
  Measurement = "user_input_delay_per_session"

  ObjectName = "User Input Delay per Process"
  Instances = ["*"]
  Counters = ["Max Input Delay"]
  Measurement = "user_input_delay_per_process"

  namepass = ["user_input_delay_per_process"]
  key = "instance"
  pattern = '.+\<(.+)\.(exe|EXE|scr|SCR)\>$'
  replacement = "${1}"

any idea?


Are you sure those listings are not previous data that you did not clean up?

Please use [[outputs.file]] to show the metrics that are generated by printing them to stdout and see if they tags are in fact changed?

hello jpowers

thanks but i find which machines were generating this data, it’s 3 over 5000 :frowning: the 3 machines were not powered on during 2 days.

i have reset the config and checking if the weird data is coming back.

so let’s say it resolved because the 3 machines had old config files.

thanks a lot.

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