Problem with collecting wrong data type from a Supermicro Device

Hi, I’m having a problem retrieving SNMP data from a Supermicro device via Telegraf. Although I’ve correctly configured the OIDs to retrieve the desired data, I’m having trouble converting the retrieved values into float numbers.
To solve this problem, I’ve tried adding the option conversion = “float(0)” to each field in my Telegraf configuration file. This should correctly convert the retrieved values to floats, as the original values I’m collecting are strings, so I need to convert them to floats, which is necessary to aggregate or parse them in InfluxDB later and display them in Grafana.
However, despite this configuration, I’m not getting the expected results when executing my InfluxDB queries.
I’m aware that the variables that are read are purely in string, but I would have liked a solution in order to set up my graphs on Grafana. The mib is correctly installed and functional (I tried with snmpwalk).

Here’s a part of my telegraf.conf :

oid = “ATEN-IPMI-MIB::sensorReading.1”
name = “cpu_temp
is_tag = false
conversion = “float(0)”

oid = “ATEN-IPMI-MIB::sensorReading.2”
name = “pch_temp”
is_tag = false
conversion = “float(0)”

I hope you can help me, thank you for reading my message.


The values for cpu_temp and pch_temp look okay to me. What do you expect them to be?

Yes, they are, but even converting them i can’t see nothing on InfluxDB, i don’t know why ! I can’t see nothing in Grafana because they still a string. My main objective is to create graphs.

Okay, then this is a InfluxDB problem, not a telegraf one.

See this on how to change the field data type in the bucket.