Telegraf issues if value returned fluctuate from a positive to minus


I’m been trying to work out why my telegraf.conf file works then stops if I add a new snmp metric to query, it seems to be when a minus value is returned when it was once a positive.

You can see here with the blue arrows positive values return, then it goes to minus (red arrow):

Then all values stop working for that particular telegraf.con file in my Grafana table:

Why would this happen, I would assume InfluxDB can handle this value changing from positive to negative?

  1. Please show us the relevant part of your telegraf.conf file.
  2. Also, I see that the floating point values are sent as a string field instead of a float field.

Here you go:

How do I get them sent as floats?

First of all, please don’t post code as an image, use markdown format instead, see below:

put you Telegraf config code snippet here

If i understand the documentation correctly, there is a conversion parameter for fields in the snmp input plugin, for example:

# ...
    name = "blabla"
    oid = ""
    conversion = "float"