Port 8086 conflict - Bad gateway 502 from telegraf


We have installed influxdb on one of the Linux server found the service get stopped immediately upon checking the logs found the port used by splunkd.Hence we change the influxdb port from 8086 to 8097 on /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf file and the service started fine.Also changed in telegraf and kapacitor config files to use 8097.But when we try to add data source in grafana it failed with bad gateway 502. we pointed below entry in grafana.


When we try to connect influxdb manully with influx command it fails and looking for port 8086.Then I used command influx -port 8086 then to connects to influxdb is there way to change default behavior port.

Could someone help to address what went wrong?


You should be able to point Grafana at the port where Influx is running from the Grafana config. Have you tried running:

influx -p 8097