How to change port(8086, 8088)?

HI all

I’d like to use influxdb & telegraf on our system which is made up of six servers.
For operating other service, we’ve already installed cloudera manager, but I’m additionally trying to utilize influxdb.

The things is… 8086, 8088 ports are already in use by “Cloudera manager”.
Could you let me know how to change the port?
I’ve already change influxdb.conf but it still send an error message when I type “influx” like this.

Apologies for this stupid question. Appreciate your response.

Hi @Jhyeon welcome ,
There are no stupid questions :wink:

You have changed the influxdb.conf .
Have you uncommented the line you modified and restarted the database ?

Best regards

Hi @MarcV
Thank you for answering.
I think I already did all things you told me.

bind-address = “”

bind-address = “:7088”

bind-address = “:7086”

but I’m not sure ‘infulxdb’ is running now.

Is it right? please let me know what I did wrong.

Hi , you have to add the -port …
Influx -port yourporthere

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Super thanks a lot.
It works.

Have a great day! :smile:

Good to hear that it works :slight_smile:
Have fun !

would you please tell me exactly what text I have to add?