Change of InfluxDB port


Hi all, my issue desctiption: on a VM i’ve installed influxdb thru docker container and i wanted to change influxdb to listen on 8089 so when i do docker run i gave -p 8089:8089
but when i access influxdb ui it throws me the following err:

0 error - Could not connect to and also when i do docker ps it shows “>8083/tcp, 8086/tcp,>8089/tcp InfluxDB”

Please help i need to change port to 8089 from 8086?


@Praphooldhole the InfluxDB container only exposes 8086 so you need to forward that port on the container to another port on the network:

docker run -it -p 8086:8089 influxdb

To do what you are describing above you would also need to change the configuration file to make the http API listen on a different port. Another note is that the admin UI (8083) is deprecated in the current versions of the database.


so i need to run the said command “docker run -it -p 8086:8089 influxdb”, along with the change in configuration file for http api to 8089??

also should i stop using 8083? is that right?


@Praphooldhole The docker run command doesn’t require a configuration change.


i did try that above command as said but in detached mode "docker run -d -p 8086:8089 --restart=always --name InfluxDB --link=Kapacitor*********.com/some/repo"
but it still says the same error.


@Praphooldhole Can you connect to the container from the local node? There could be some firewall issues with docker that are preventing connection. I also might have been wrong on the syntax. I think it might be 8089:8086.


Yes it is 8089:8086.

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