Please can we have MFA to protect our data

We are using InfluxDB cloud for warehousing IoT data for our industrial machines that go all over the world.

The more customers who want the solution, the more data we store.

Customers like it = More data = Bigger bills
Everyone is a winner.

The problem is that we are hitting a ceiling with selling this.
Industrial customers ask “What assurances can you offer us that our data is safe in your cloud DB?”

We can point them to the influx security page
But actually their data on CLoud 2.0 is only protected with usernames and passwords.
Big manufacturers who buy our machines don’t consider a password to actually offer much protection.

We’d like to say “The only people who have access to our database have passed MFA”

Please could Influx developers consider implementing MFA on Cloud 2.0 to net those paranoid industrial customers.
Not having MFA is a serious limitation with security implications.

Customers like it = More data = Bigger bills