Fine Grained Authorization Question


We had a history with our old InfluxDB that people would throw whatever they wanted into it and the nature of Influx is that it takes everything easily. We have really long retention policies and do not go around manually erasing measurements that we don’t want anymore… so how can we help stop this?

So my question is, can Authorization help restrict this? We want to encourage people with new ideas about data to get them in somewhere, but we also don’t want them to just dump it in. We use telegraf to get all the data in, but i’m not sure how the 2 interact since Telegraf is plain text configuration.

Is there any not ridiculously complicated way to restrict our main DB?

Is authorization the right thing or is there any easier way to manage and cleanup this data? Saying to people “hey if you add more data, put it ‘here’ first” is one thing, if people adhere is another…