Granular permission in InfluxDB

Hey everyone, I’m looking into doing some sort of authorization for some Grafana dashboard I have. The idea is that I want users to only be able to query their own data while still using one database. In the InfluxDB docs I found that I can grant users rights to a specific database but what I’m looking for is a more granular permission per measurement. So that I can have the following scenario:
User A has access to the entire database ‘foo’.
User B has access to ‘’ but not on the ‘foo’ root.
User C has access to 'foo.baz.
’ but not on the ‘foo’ root.

Is there any way to accomplish this with InfluxDB or should I start looking for other possibilities?

@Gandalf That functionality is going to be available in InfluxEnterprise, but not the Open Source product.

Okay thanks @jackzampolin !