Encryption in InfluxDB

Why does InfluxDB not support Encryption? Also, is it possible to add encryption other than by using AWS?

@jishpra Encryption is a very broad term. We support TLS and communication level encryption. What specifically are you asking about?

@jackzampolin I was referring to on-disk encryption. “We recommend implementing on-disk encryption; InfluxDB does not offer built-in support to encrypt the data.” This was given in your documentation. I am working on a project. So I was wondering if it is actually possible to have encryption. Also, there must be a reason why it isn’t used. I wish to know the reason.

I also want my influx data to be encrypted on-disk as we are using it on an embedded device.

So can influxdb encrypt the data for us ?
Or should we use disk encryption ( Luks ) ?

Don’t necro old threads.

InfluxDB will not “encrypt” your data for you. You need to do that at the OS/Disk layer

The question in the thread, which I found via Google, was never answered.
Now when people Google they will see an answered thread, and nothing has changed in the meantime, so its age is irrelevant.
The internet is better for my resurrecting it.

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