InfluxDB data encryption at rest

We started using InfluxDB when 2.0 was released to store event data that sometimes contains sensitive information. The database exists in a special, locked down environment with disk encryption. However, the rules are changing and becoming more strict. Now, not only does it have to be in a locked down environment with disk encryption, but any data at rest, which includes any data inside a database, has to be encrypted.

I read where InfluxDB does not provide data encryption. Assuming that answer is still true, does anyone have any suggestions about how to encrypt the data going into and coming out of InfluxDB? We are using Grafana for a dashboard to display the data with Flux as the query language.

If the answer is that there is no answer, does anyone know of an open source replacement we can use for InfluxDB that does support data encryption?

Hello @Kevin_Taylor,
The database itself does not, you’re correct. To encrypt data in the database, we recommend that you use disk encryption. But note that disk encryption only protects data at rest. However, connections to the database can be made over TLS, which encrypts the traffic.

I don’t know of a replacement that supports data encryption. I’m sorry. Maybe the grafana community does? I’m not sure where else to ask.

Per the soon to be released PCI 4 requirements, disk encryption for data at rest is no longer good enough. The data itself has to be encrypted when at rest in addition to disk encryption.

I guess we’re down to attempting masking via regular expressions before we insert the data into influxbd. Really not looking forward to this.

Has there been any updates/progress on this?