phpMyAdmin for InfluxDB

Hello I would like to use phpMyAdmin to administrate my InfluxDB databases, is it possible? If yes, have I just need to install phpMyAdmin or also a Php Client ?

You cannot do that, no. phpMyAdmin is for MySQL and MariaDB.

Ok thank you, so how can I administrate influxDB with something similar as phpmyAmdin ?

I have already installed Chronograf which is great for visualisation but no for administration.

Like a GUI tester, where you choose options from menus, files and plugins? Sounds cool and faster for development.

In InfuxDB 2, we provide a full GUI for managing everything; but this isn’t available for InfluxDB 1.

Does InfuxDB 1, it’s best to automate with ddl/dml

Thank you for your answer, you say it’s better to automate with ddl/dml but I want to use a GUI which do you advise me tu use ?