How to setup chronograf to grant access to a read only user for influxdb

I am trying to setup our new Influxdb access via chronograf for a read only user ( the user has read only access to all user dbs including telegraf but not _internal)

But only the DBA users are allowed in .

How to accomplish this.

I wish to allow exploration and queries via a web UI like the chronograf that I like to these read users.

Even the default admin ui on port 8083 only works for admin users like it states.

Is there any such rest UI to use?
Thanks in advance

@mpaul This feature doesn’t currently exist in Chronograf. The issue is that SHOW DATABASES requires write access and many of the UI components rely on that query. We have fixed this issue in InfluxDB master and are waiting for the 1.3 release early next month for a resolution. I’ve also gone ahead and opened an issue on Chronograf to track this as well.

Hope this helps.

Thanks… waiting for the new influxdb

So do we have this new feature available now?

This works in influx 1.3.2 now .

Chronograf I belive supports it now.