Parsing MQTT Topic


i try to understand the mqtt topic parsing but i’m a bit confused about this. First of all, can i found some where in telegraf a place where are some log messages created from telegraf to get a hint what the problem ist? At them moment i get a connection to the influxdb but no data are showing up.

And second, which settings are necassry to get this MQTT value in influxdb

{"ArrivalTime": "2024-07-09T08:43:14+02:00","TP": "FW_Zaehler_080","Tag": "HQ","Val": 69770.000}

The Telegraf config look like this. For the moment i try only one single Topic, but it will be a couple of more when everything works.

# ## Abonierte Topcis
    topics = [
# ## Data format
    data_format = "json_v2"

I try to get some info from google but unfortunaly i don’t really now where to start

To get more information from Telegraf, you can pass the telegraf --debug flag or set debug in the agent config.

To parse your topic, map each fragment to an element (measurement, tag, field, timestamp) in the metric.
The MQTT Consumer plugin README has a topic parsing example.

Thanks, i will try the debug and take a look to the parsing.

But i sitll a bit confused with the Topic parsing and how i get my values in influx. I guess i will figuerd it out after some trying…