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We’re using Influx for time-series sensor data. Development with Influx is going swimmingly. However, we have one specific need that we haven’t figured out.

We know we’re going to have data analysis needs outside well-defined workflows and visualizations. This means ad hoc number crunching in Python, Mathematica, R, Excel, etc. CSV dumps are pretty much the defacto standard for importing data into these sorts of tools.

Of course, we’d rather not have our ad hoc data analysts interacting directly with the database. Similarly, we’d like to avoid relying on a single person specializing in formulating command line queries to extract needed data from Influx.

Ideally, we want the Data Explorer interface of Chronograf (1.2) with the option to export CSV data from query results. We had high hopes for this given that Chronograf already has a nicely formatted tabular view of Data Explorer results. But, unfortunately, no download feature exists.

  1. Is such a feature already in the Chronograf development pipeline? We haven’t been able to find this and have not yet submitted a request through the Github project.
  2. Is there another project “out there” that provides a similar interactive query building plus CSV export?
  3. Is there an approach linking together existing tools and TICK stack features that could provide what we’re looking for?

In the end, it seems what we’re interested in essentially already exists in pieces. So it seems we should be able to get this working. Any ideas very much appreciated.


@mkarlesky This is something I’ve also wanted for a while. I’ve gone ahead and opened an issue on chronograf for this. You can track the progress over there.

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For anyone who visits this in the future… As of version 1.3.9 Chronograf now supports this feature. It’s not quite as smart as I was expecting, but it’s workable and will presumably improve in the future.

(Update Nov. 13, 2017: See thread that follows. My comment about the feature aligning with my expectations was misplaced.)


Hi @mkarlesky- how were you hoping the .csv download option to be different? How could it be improved to fit your needs?


@ebb-tide First of all, thank you so much for your work on this feature request. Secondly, forgive me. I exercised the feature again this morning, and it worked just as I had originally hoped. We did recently update to 1.3.10 and switched to the Alpine-based Docker image. Perhaps there was a change in libraries or feature code between the two versions? Or, maybe it was just user error! I no longer have the CSVs I generated from our data when the feature was first released. Maybe I gummed up those test queries. The contents of the CSV files I generated today are now just what I would expect to export from queries.


@mkarlesky, So glad to hear things are working out for you now. Let us know if anything else comes up!


Can this be used to do automated dumps?