Help on query. Automatic CSV

Hello community! Could you help me with a query? I would like to automatically export all values (field) from all the measurements filtered by tag in a period of time. It should be simple but I am not able to do.

Thanks a lot.

Hello. I was ablo to get data in a table in Chronograph. I have realised that I have several measurements instead of several fields over only one measurement. Now that I have the data in a Chronograph table I would like to export it in CSV format. For that I am using the following script but the data is exported with only 2 columns: timestamp and value but I would like to have one column for each measurement. Do you know if it would be possible?
influx -database ‘datalogger’ -execute “SELECT “value” FROM “datalogger”.“autogen”./.*/ WHERE asset = ‘A02T1’ AND time > now() - 1m” -format ‘csv’ > test.csv