How to copy the data of influxdb into a file (excel or csv)

Hi Guys,

I have started learning influxdb two months ago. I have stored data of a sensor into it.
Now i want to make the data analysis. Please suggest me an easy way to get the data into a file.

Thank you.

@asif Hi !

You can build your query in Chronograf and click on the CSV download button on the right corner.
Be careful, it downloads the data for the selected time range.

I hope it will help you.


But if you want to do analysis, you can directly do it in Chronograf.

Thank you very much for your time.

sorry, i am using influxdb in a terminal on window. Where and how can i get this graphic view??

You have to install Chronograf according to this doc

But I think it’s only on Linux, Mac, or in Windows with docker

If you don’t want to install Chronograf and download data, you can do this with a curl command like suggested in this post Export big data from influxdb

Thank you NicolasDrapier.

I think we can install it only on Linux.
Is it possible to install on window 10. If yes, please i Need Little Explanation.

Thank you once again.

You can install it with docker.