I guess it's a stupid topic for you guys

Hi guys ,
I’m not familiar with influxdb at all , In fact I’m so bad with all the software. There’s my issue , I’m working on a project , I need to install a new big machine in our monitoring systeme , but the constructor of the machine is using influxdata to store all the data. And the only way I can see the data is by using Chronograf , but i have no idea how to access this data from Chronograf or how to collect it for my OPC server ? Do you guys have an idea or a tutorial that can help me ? like an influxDB for beginner or something , thank you !

Hello @iliass_ibnaiche,
Probably the easiest way to get started is with InfluxDB v2 Cloud (there’s a free tier).You can easily import demo data and get to using Influx. https://v2.docs.influxdata.com/v2.0/get-started/#start-with-influxdb-cloud-2-0
The second easiest way is with InfluxDB 2.0 OSS. After you have Influx running than you can configure a data source through the UI (as long as you have telegraf installed).
This blog should be helpful:

You’ll need to install telegraf. If you’re on a MacOS, it’s just a brew install telegraf.
Otherwise please look at: https://docs.influxdata.com/telegraf/v1.14/introduction/installation/#installation

Finally these other blogs might help you understand ways you can write data to Influx.

Please let me know if you have anymore questions and what you find confusing!

Hello @iliass_ibnaiche,
Are you having trouble using Chronograf? Or getting data? The tutorials above address the latter. If you’re having trouble with Chronograf, can you please tell me what version of InfluxDB you’re using? So I can point you to the right places?

Also, do you have a specific query that you’re interested in performing? Do you know what data you want to visualize? Thank you.

Hello , thanks for your help , i’ll try to start with InfluxDB v2 and follow your instruction.
I dont how trouble using Chronograf , how can i know what version of InfluxDB i’m using. The poeple i’m working with just gived me the Chronograf link.
I dont wanna visualize data i just wanna extract it in real time. Excuse my english , I’m from France.
Thank you