One measurement one value

I’ve used telegraf/influxdb before, and I really like it. The biggest problem was that we used many telegraf plugins, and many of those returned multiple fields per measurement. We had two retention policies (besides the default), and because the different measurements needed custom CQs to perform downsampling, we wound up maintaining scores of CQs.

Before I recommend the TICK stack at my current company, I need to make sure I will not get into that mess again. So I was wondering if …

a) is it possible to configure telegraf to have one value (field) per measurement regardless of the input plugin? I couldn’t find any articles on how to do this. With a single number value per measurement, I would only need one CQ per retention policy, or …

b) is there some other solution that keeps us from having to maintain so many downsampling configurations. I know kapacitor can do some data manipulation, but I’m not sure if it would reduce the maintenance overhead (admittedly, I’ve never used it).

any help would be appreciated,