Suggestion on Multiple measurement data in a single Kafka topic?

Hi Team,
I need a suggestion in one of the scenario and need to know the pros and cons for that.
We have multiple measurements under one database and all those measurements get loaded using a single Telegraf Plugin from a single topic.In the kafka topic we are publishing multiple measurements data(points) and those gets loaded to Database with respective Measurements.

with this approach we are saving multiple topics creation and multiple telegraf plugin creation. Is there any chance if one load fails does the entire load will fail as it is in single plugin?

Can you please suggest is it better to have separte topic,separte topic for indivisual measurement or we can have one topic ,one plugin to multiple measurement.


Hello @oom,
Please take a look at this presentation as I feel it will answer all of your Telegraf best practices questsions. David McKay [InfluxData] | The Telegraf Toolbelt: It Can Do That, Really? | InfluxDays SF 2019 - YouTube
Specifically around 19:00
Are you using the telegraf kafka consumer?