One Extra columns gets added in the measurement while using file plugin

Hi, I am trying to run a file plugin to load a csv file and it is getting loaded with success but what i am seeing it is loading a extra tag filed called Host. Why it is loading any idea?

CSV File:

Conf file:

See the below output.

Not getting from where this Host column is coming and i have already mentioned that there are 2 tag columns in the conf file.

The telegraf agent inserts the hostname of the system running the plugin. You can change this in the telegraf configuration file.

There is a setting
omit_hostname = false

Change that to
omit_hostname = true

Restart the agent after changing that and it should stop inserting the host value. The value will still appear in your old data but not in the new data.

Also, just to make it a bit easier. When you connect to the influx CLI if you pass the following argument

-precision rfc3339

you get human readable time stamps

Hi Philb, thanks for reply.
I have changed in the configuration file and set the value to true but again it is ingesting the Host column. i have restarted the telegraf.

Please see the details below.

and it appears in the output too,

:thinking: love it when the documentation lies…

Ok, you could try using tag exclude

That should exclude the tags from the metrics completely. You might need to apply it to each input plugin though.

Thanks philb, it worked with exclude command.