Timsetamp = 2000000000 and new field


Telegraf 1.10.2
Influxdb 1.7.5

Hi, Importing with telegraf this data :
HGW_CLIENT_WIFISTATS_2_4G,modem_mac=DC:53:7C:06:29:9C,client_mac=A4:D8:CA:17:B6:07,bss_type=open\ homespot,wifi_mode=IEEE\ 802.11n,auth_method=Open,encrypt_method=None,client_connect_state=Disconnected rssi=-86,tx_phy_rate=1000000,rx_phy_rate=52000000,rx_bytes_per_sec=0,rx_packets_per_sec=0,tx_bytes_per_sec=0,tx_packets_per_sec=0,rx_bytes=2073,tx_bytes=3817,rx_packets=11,tx_packets=40,error_sent=61,retrans_count=38,retry_count=10,multiple_retry_count=10,associations_count=1,last_activity_timestamp=1555583221 1555663858

In the influxdb :

What did I wrong to have this timsetamp = 2000000000 and also I get a new information which is the FQDN ? Can you help ?


I did enter a timestamp in second which caused the problem entering the timestamp in ns works well. But strange that there isn’t a kind of lock when entering timestamp in second in influxdb.


Still I don’t know why telegraf add a hostname on my points ? I did the same test with apache nifi push the data into influxdb and it didn’t add a host tag.


Strange is when I do a select request on that host tag I get no results :


I needed to set in the conf file the “omit_hostname = true” and it resolved my issue