Telegraf send only last line of CSV to influxDB

Hi ,
I am using telegraf to take data from CSV. But it only picks the last line from CSV multiple times.
Below mentioned is the telegraf conf and csv file used.

files = [“/home/telegraf/result.csv”]
data_format = “csv”
csv_header_row_count = 1
csv_skip_rows = 0
csv_skip_columns = 0
csv_comment = “#”
csv_measurement_column = “csv”


Please let me know the further configuration to make this complete csv data available on influxdb.


That config should read all the lines,can you share to output of telegraf? (run telegraf --config _file_.conf --test)

But I honestly think the problem is the destination… if you are writing to InfluxDB you should know difference between tags and fields, in your config I don’t see csv_tag_columns, which is very much needed in this sample case, as without it only “time” will be the key all the rest is going to be a field… multiple points with the same key will override/update the field values, that’s why you see only the last data point.

  ## Columns listed here will be added as tags. Any other columns
  ## will be added as fields.
  csv_tag_columns = []

note that csv_measurement_column = “csv” doesn’t seem right as “csv” is not an existing column

  ## The column to extract the name of the metric from. Will not be
  ## included as field in metric.
  csv_measurement_column = ""


Thanks for the suggestion, it worked after adding the tag value. Please suggest how I can avoid the duplicate entries of the old data against the new timestamp.

since you have no tags you can’t filter out those old points… also the measurement structure is already polluted with “non-unique” keys meaning that Filename is both a tag and a field… which is an issue when querying the data.

I suggest you drop the whole measurement in order to start with a clean structure

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