No influx_inspect in Influxdb V2

There is influx_inspect in Influxdb v1 can generates tsi1 indexes from tsm1 data in case tsi file would be corrupted. But I don’t see similar function in Influxdb V2. Is it because hasn’t been done developed or no need this functionality at all in Influxdb V2 as Influxdb V2 is strong enough?

Hello @zh1029,
Yes Influxdb v2 uses tsi by default so there isn’t a need for the inspect command.

Hi @Anaisdg,
Thank you for the answer. I’m asked to evaluate if influxDB V2 can survive from starting up while reading persistent files may be corrupted. It could be happened while influxd would be killed while persisting data due to computer power off or killed by signal 9 etc. I plan to make scripts to test this scenario for more than 1000 times. but do you have some material or article to describe whether influxDB V2 can prevent file persistent got corrupted due to the accident or influxDB V2 can recover startup though persistent file got corrupted and how to do? Data lost is reasonable in this situation. But influxDB V2 can automatic startup. We are evaluating to deploy InfluxDB V2 OSSW in our cloud product. I’m expected could have auto-healing. Thanks!

Hello @zh1029,
I’ll ask around. However this isn’t a concern with InfluxDB Cloud.