No data collection after laptop restart

Hello there! I am pretty new to InfluxDB and data collection in general and I got the problem that after the restart of my laptop (I use Ubuntu) the InfluxDB bucket/dashboard doesn’t show new data, only the data that was there before the restart. I collect data with the telegraf plugin “Memory”, the standard one you can find in the InfluxDB GUI.

If I understand it right, telegraf and InfluxDB should start automatically and collect the data but probably somehow it doesn’t happen or could there be a different issue?


upd: The problem was “solved” by entering the influx token and the config of the bucket into terminal again, but I think it’s not okay, when you have to do it after each pc restart?

@bro32 Most Linux service managers let you start services with custom environment variables. For example, if you’re running Telegraf as a service with systemd, you can configure systemd services to start using specific environment variables: How to set environment variable in systemd service? - Server Fault.

The other option would be to hard-code these credentials in your Telegraf config.