New to Influxdb 2

I’ve been playing around with Influxdb 1.8 for a few months by simply collecting some sensor data output from Node Red (mostly 433MHz weather type data). It has worked fine, but I decided to upgrade my RPi from an old 1B to a shiny new 4B. Since the new one can support 64-bit, I decided to install Influxdb 2.0. I found getting going with 1.8 fairly simple and utilized the CLI to see what was stored and issue commands to perform basic data viewing/manipulation. Is the CLI for 2.0 just for individual commands or is it also an interactive tool like 1.8? I haven’t been able to wrap my head around it, so if there is a guide that might help, I’d love a link. This is what I started with for 1.8 and found it incredibly useful!

I didn’t see the influxdb2 sub, but this is still more of a getting started question.

I have been doing more reading and in the docker setup guide, I found what appears to be the proper way to launch into the CLI interface. I haven’t tried it in the non-docker installation, but I assume it would be similar.

docker exec -it influxdb /bin/bash

And also, it might be easier to just use the web interface. I was just hoping to maintain the interface I had started getting used to. I’ll try both of these and see if I can get at least where I was in 1.8.

@bkenobi as you guessed, the 2.0 CLI is non-interactive. You can explore some things via CLI commands (i.e. get bucket names with influx bucket, and inspect keys/values via Flux and influx query) but the UI is probably your best bet for purely exploratory work.