Where can i find the InfluxDB command line interface?

Where can I find the InfluxDB command line interface as a separate download for different operating systems? I mean the influx command tool:


It seems that the cli is currently only available as a bundle together with InfluxDB as a download?
Is the influx cli also available as an executable for windows?

I’ll answer my question myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Among the 2.x.x downloads, the CLI is available as a separate download (CLI only) for all architectures except Windows. Either I have overlooked this or it is not yet available for so long…

Under the 1.x.x downloads there is a zip for Windows binaries, in which among other things also the influx.exe cli is contained in the version:

InfluxDB shell version: 1.8.4

I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope this version is compatible with InfluxDB 2.x.x ? :upside_down_face:

@Franky1 Hello,
Can you give me the link please for Cli Influx2.0 (linux) because I didn’t found it any where.



Click on the Download Page > InfluxDB > 2.0.3 and scroll down, there are also the CLIs (CLI only)



Hi @Franky1, we don’t publish binaries of 2.0 for Windows yet, but we’re working them. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear that they’re available.

I tried it, but unfortunately the influx cli from 1.8.4 ist not compatible with 2.x.x. databases.
But it doesn’t matter, I can also run the influx cli under WSL2, so of course it works there.

That would be very nice :+1: