Need Help Starting My InfluxDB

Very New User Alert!!!
Iv been working on a project for some time now.
I restarted my computer and now I cant figure out how to run the InfluxDB again.

When I try to run the file in the application Influxd in the file, it says I need to open cmd.exe and run it from there, but I can’t get it to the proper directory.

Again, I’m new to this, so be patient please. Its something so basic that I can’t get and I just worked through this a few weeks ago. Apologies for the basic question…

Got it…

Highlight the Path in my folder.
Type CMD.
Once CMD Opens Type InfluxD

Sorry to any that had to read this.

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@Kimber901 Thank you for sharing your solution!

I always try to put the solution, no matter how simple the issue. I know I may need to look it up again someday…