Can't login InfluxDB


I have just installed InfluxDB and I wanted to get started, login and create a database. However this is the hard task as I don’t know how, I thought that it was just executing the command influx.

lx-mon-db-grafana-02[root] ~ # influx
Influx Client

influx [command]

Available Commands:
apply Apply a template to manage resources
auth Authorization management commands
backup Backup database
bucket Bucket management commands
completion Generates completion scripts
config Config management commands
dashboards List Dashboard(s).
delete Delete points from influxDB
export Export existing resources as a template
help Help about any command
org Organization management commands
ping Check the InfluxDB /health endpoint
query Execute a Flux query
restore Restores a backup directory to InfluxDB.
secret Secret management commands
setup Setup instance with initial user, org, bucket
stacks List stack(s) and associated templates. Subcommands manage stacks.
task Task management commands
telegrafs List Telegraf configuration(s). Subcommands manage Telegraf configurations.
template Summarize the provided template
transpile Transpile an InfluxQL query to Flux source code
user User management commands
v1 InfluxDB v1 management commands
version Print the influx CLI version
write Write points to InfluxDB

-h, --help Help for the influx command

Use “influx [command] --help” for more information about a command.

Can you tell me what am I doing wrong?


Jose Martins

Hello @jmiguelc,
Where are you running InfluxDB? I’d say the easiest way to get started is by visiting http://localhost:8086/ after starting the InfluxDB service with ./influxd in the directory where you installed the binary. Running ./influx just starts the CLI (command line interface).

Does that help?


Thanks, that helped me.

Jose Martins

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