InfluxDB2.0 Broken after IT touched my computer

Good Morning.
My IT dept was on my computer today for just a few minutes to set up an email account. Now when I try to run INFLUXD.EXE I get issues.
Failed to open. Ignored. open C:\users\username\appdata\local\snowflake\caches\ocsp_response_cache.json: The system cannot find the specified path

How can I troubleshoot what is going on here. I had a great project in the works…


So I did get it to work again!
I had to remove the folder in Program Files called influxdb2-2.0.9-windows-amd64.
After this, this, the influxD.exe command worked and I can open the UI in my browser.

I still have all my project configuration!

I put the original influxdb2-2.0.9-windows-amd64 from when I se this computer up back in the Program Files folder and re-booted.

Hello @Kimber901,
I’m glad it’s working! Thank you for sharing yoru solution!!