Unable to browse through influx db after setting it up on Windows nor linux machine

I’m using influxdb 1.5.2 with the below configuration changes after generating a new config file using command
.\influxd.exe --config .\influxdb.generated.conf
reporting-disabled = true
enabled = true
bind-address = “:8086”
auth-enabled = true
I’m trying to browse ‘http://localhost:8086’ but I get a ‘404-Not Found’.
Here below is the log
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2018-04-16T09:07:26.147192Z info InfluxDB starting {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “version”: “1.5.2”, “branch”:
“1.5”, “commit”: “02d7d4f043b34ecb4e9b2dbec298c6f9450c2a32”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.148240Z info Go runtime {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “version”: “go1.9.2”, “maxprocs”: 4}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.250237Z info Using data dir {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “store”, “path”: “C:\Users
2018-04-16T09:07:26.250237Z info Open store (start) {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “store”, “trace_id”
: “07VRBXfW000”, “op_name”: “tsdb_open”, “op_event”: “start”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.254236Z info Opened file {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “engine”: “tsm1”, “service”: “filestor
e”, “path”: “C:\Users\Administrator\.influxdb\data\_internal\monitor\1\000000001-000000001.tsm”, “id”: 0, “durat
ion”: “0.000ms”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.255239Z info Reading file {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “engine”: “tsm1”, “service”: “cacheloa
der”, “path”: “C:\Users\Administrator\.influxdb\wal\_internal\monitor\1\_00001.wal”, “size”: 2061646}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.382236Z info Opened shard {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “store”, “trace_id”: “07VRB
XfW000”, “op_name”: “tsdb_open”, “path”: “C:\Users\Administrator\.influxdb\data\_internal\monitor\1”, “duration”:
2018-04-16T09:07:26.382236Z info Open store (end) {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “store”, “trace_id”
: “07VRBXfW000”, “op_name”: “tsdb_open”, “op_event”: “end”, “op_elapsed”: “132.000ms”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.384239Z info Opened service {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “subscriber”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.385237Z info Starting monitor service {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “monitor”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.385237Z info Registered diagnostics client {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “monitor”,
“name”: “build”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.386239Z info Registered diagnostics client {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “monitor”,
“name”: “runtime”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.387240Z info Registered diagnostics client {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “monitor”,
“name”: “network”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.387240Z info Registered diagnostics client {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “monitor”,
“name”: “system”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.388240Z info Starting precreation service {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “shard-prec
reation”, “check_interval”: “10m”, “advance_period”: “30m”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.389236Z info Starting snapshot service {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “snapshot”}

2018-04-16T09:07:26.392236Z info Starting continuous query service {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “co
2018-04-16T09:07:26.388240Z info Storing statistics {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “monitor”, “db_inst
ance”: “_internal”, “db_rp”: “monitor”, “interval”: “10s”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.396236Z info Starting HTTP service {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “httpd”, “authentic
ation”: true}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.404241Z info opened HTTP access log {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “httpd”, “path”: “s
2018-04-16T09:07:26.408242Z info Listening on HTTP {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “service”: “httpd”, “addr”: “[
::]:8086”, “https”: false}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.413237Z info Starting retention policy enforcement service {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”, “servi
ce”: “retention”, “check_interval”: “30m”}
2018-04-16T09:07:26.426236Z info Listening for signals {“log_id”: “07VRBXGG000”}Preformatted text