Influx CLI command not found

I recently installed influxdb 0.8.9 on CentOS (I am using older version for making it compatible with grafana influx-08 datasource).
I was successfully able to start the service.-

sudo /etc/init.d/influxdb start
Setting ulimit -n 65536
Starting the process influxdb [ OK ]
influxdb process was started [ OK ]

But when I try to use it through shell, it says command not found -

-bash: influx: command not found

@mihirthatte That version of the database has been deprecated for over a year. I would highly suggest running the newer bits. Why are you interested in using the influx-08 datasource?

I am using influx-08 datasource for creating a customized plugin by making some modifications to it as I felt working with javascript files would’ve be easier than working with typescript files ( which are being used in latest version of influx data source) and grafana influx-08 datasource only supports influxdb 0.8 version.

Do let me know if you know any workaround to run influxdb 0.8

@mihirthatte I know learning Typescript is a bit of a pain, but working with InfluxDB 0.8 will be even more of a pain! We have great node bindings for the current API but the ones for the 0.8 are showing their age by now.