MSMQ cluster counters


I am using client of lelegraf for Grafana counters representation.
Currently the task is based on monitoring MSMQ counters.
For single mode (non - cluster) is was defined in telegraf.conf like this:

ObjectName = “MSMQ Queue”
Instances = ["*"]
Counters = [
“Messages in Queue”,
“Messages in Journal Queue”,
“Bytes in Queue”, “Bytes in Journal Queue”
Measurement = “ev_queue”

and all appropriate private Queues were displayed in Grafana UI

Now project structure using Clustering MSMQ

I tried to define the same configuration on each from 2 Nodes, but in the Grafana UI I can see each separated Node in the list, but common MSQM Private queues I don’t see
(how it was in single mode)

Any ideas for cluster counting?

Hello @Vikonder,
I’m not sure at the moment, I’m asking around. Thank you.

It looks like the problem you have run into is specific to MSMQ. You may have better luck finding help from Microsoft or on a Windows specific site. Once you find the cluster mode counters and provide them to telegraf it should work like you expect.

I would suggest checking the Q&A section of Microsoft’s docs site

or stackoverflow with msmq tag

Here’s a page that covers clustered MSMQ monitoring. Hopefully it will help you identify the counter names in cluster mode.