Is there any way to send all metrics in lowercase

Hi Team,

Is there any way to send all metrics of the server in lowercase.

Hello @suraganijanakiram,
What type of metrics? Maybe the rename plugin could help?

Hi @Anaisdg ,

First thanks to you for taking your time and helping me on this.

i have acheived it by omitting the hostname. i passed the hostname in small letters.

hope you can help me in the below query as well.

ObjectName = “Terminal Services”
Instances = ["*"]
Counters = [
“Active Sessions”,
“Inactive Sessions”,
Measurement = “win_term”

i am using the above to in the windows conf file and this was not working .

can you please help me where i am doing wrong.

Hello @suraganijanakiram,
Can you please share your whole config so that we can try to debug it?
Also have you tried setting debug=True in your telegraf config?

Hi @Anaisdg,

Thanks a lot for your support.

I tried with the below configuration and worked fine i missed “Instances” in my previous config. after see in the performance counter details in windows clearly got to know that i have to use “------” instead of “*”.

ObjectName = “Terminal Services”
Instances = ["------"]
Counters = [“Active Sessions”,]
Measurement = “win_term”

@suraganijanakiram, nice catch! I didn’t see that at first either.