Mobile view for dashboards?

Hi there, first post :slight_smile:

I’ve now been using InfluxDB (OSS) 2.5 for ~1 month, and one of the things that bother me on a frequent basis is, that I can’t conveniently access the dashboard(s) from my mobile phone. Well, I can, if I set my browser into “desktop site” mode, and then be very careful not to drag areas that belong to a cell as to not mess up the layout.

Is there a plan to introduce a mobile view? Anything I missed or I’m doing wrong?

(I’ve also mentioned this in my blog post from a few days ago, InfluxDB newcomer’s impressions - I’ll write another post here about the second topic)


Hello @nagelp,
Welcome. There isn’t a plan for this. However you might be interested in this project:

Thanks a lot, @Anaisdg . I’ll have a look at this project when I find the time.

Alright, I managed to get the Android dev. environment with Flutter to work. With some adaptations (which I’ll push to a PR shortly) I was able to get it to run, hooray :partying_face:

It’ll take some work to make a nice app, will probably have to wait until next Xmas season though.