Responsive Dashboard View (Small/Mobile Screens)

I am using Chronograf to view the data of my wetterstation.
Some of that data should be shown on a small Android Phone, but Chronograf Dashboard is not very good in adapting to different screen sizes nor to mobile phone screens.

Is there a option I am missing?

I used Grafana before and they did a great job with their responsive dashboard layout, but for other reasons I cannot use Grafana any more.
I also found this post (Custome plugin / dashboard for mobile - #3 by alvianno) but I do not want to run another service if I can avoid it.


There’s no additional option for responsive layouts in our 1.x Chronograf. Our 2.0 (in alpha now) will be a much more responsive product because we knew this needed to be addressed.

coool thanks for the info
Any timeframe when this in beta for testing, or even RC or final ?


You can download the 2.0 right now here. Just pick the alpha binary under InfluxDB. It’s a single binary for the platform (except Telegraf, which is still its own thing).

thanks, I am going to give it a try.