Chronograf ruller

Small question,
On my home server i’am running Chronograf Version: 1.8.10 with influxdb1. whatever
If i make a dashboard page in chronograf it works for me great, the ruler moves on my al my graphs with the same time scale. ( it was swiched on by default i did not change anything)

In the new Chronograf Version 2.0.4 the ruler works only on the current selected graph.
Is this option removed ? Or should it be switched on some where?
My colleague said that we better swicth to grafana, but i have searched to ruler combine and until now no luck.

See picture below

Hello @Admini,
No I don’t think this is available in 2.x. Can you please make a feature request? Issues · influxdata/ui · GitHub
Or if you don’t have time to, let me know so I can make one?