"Responsive Design" (on android, in Chrome or in app) with InfluxDB 2

Hello, I have InfluxDB 2.0 deployed and have a nice stream of IoT data coming into it.
I have a pretty dashboard (if I knew how to grant anonymous access, I’d post the URL) and am even doing a few tricky things to the Flux query. yay me.
So, now we want the data to be available in our mobile app(s)

I saw a post by Influx staff saying that native Influx2 (i.e. not Grafana) had a goal of a responsive design. Awesome.

When I visit with my android browser, it looks ‘ok’ (not to the CEO), but it would be better if it didn’t try to adhere to two charts on a horizontal line and instead responded to the skinny screen width by not cramming both graphs into the few horizontal pixels available. Is there a way to nudge the layout decision to be smarter about when to put one chart vs two side-by-side?

Also, back to the “in our app” requirement, is there a recommended way to use the dashboard graphs I’ve crafted, but within an app (that’s of course using an embedded browser instance to fetch and render a chart or two or more (with a phone-aware layout) like the dashboard web page does.