Migrating from OSS to Cloud

i currently have a 4 GB Influx v2.0.0-rc.1 OSS database running locally on my computer with 2 buckets that I want to export to Influx Cloud (with AWS as a provider).

Things I’ve looked into:

  • The backup and restore commands (restore isn’t supported for cloud)
  • Telegraf as a way to transfer data, but I’m unsure of how to create the input plugin such that it points to these two specific buckets?
  • Potentially querying all data via CSV and importing it, but what query would I create?
  • Potentially exporting the buckets and then importing them in the cloud, but would this transfer the data as well?
  • influx_inspect export, but this seems to be for v1.8 and not available for v2.

If anyone knows of the proper way to do this migration of data from OSS to cloud please let me know.

Welcome! Do you absolutely need to perform a bulk import? We generally recommend writing data to both until you no longer need the historical data, and can just forget about your OSS instance. This is probably the easiest solution. Otherwise, I appreciate your patience while I find the answer/best practice for this.

@Anaisdg That makes sense going forward. However, since the data that I’ve already written to my OSS instance is historical stock price data that needs to be available for further analysis, I need to be able to do a bulk import into my AWS instance. Please let me know what the best practice is to accomplish this.

Thank you!

Same issue here, incredible if there was no out of the box solution!? Can anybody assist?

Thank you!

Hello @sauvant
You might find these resources valuable: