Backup / Restore / Migrate all Buckets to new server


I am relatively new to InfluxDB 2.x.
Currently my database runs on my old server and I would like to migrate all buckets to a new server. At the beginning I thought this should not be a big deal, but

  • when using backup/restore I have the problem that a new admin token was already created on the new server and it seems that the restore does not work because of this. Isn’t there any possibility to simply make a backup and restore this on any existing server in the future?

  • when trying to migrate Line Protocols the Web UI tells me that the imported files are not valid and, furthermore, the Web UI only supports file sizes up to 10 MB while one of my buckets is around 800 MB.

I never had a system before that is so complex and user-unfriendly with simply making a backup and restoring it to another server :frowning_face:

Could you give me any hints please about an easy way to migrate all my buckets to a new server?
At the moment I am so frustrated that I already have some thoughts about giving TimescaleDB a try :neutral_face:



Hello @thomas-hn,
Have you seen the migration guide?

Thank you.
I’m sorry you’re the experience isn’t what you expected.

You might also be interested in Edge Data Replication. But this replicates current data, not historical.