Migrate Influx Database to new server



I need to migrate multiple databases to a new influx server and I’m struggling to find a definitive approach to this in the documentation. Will a straight backup and restore achieve this?

The version of influx I am running is v1.2




There are a few options, depending on how many original servers you have running:

If you have a single InfluxDB instance running, and you want everything moved to the new one, then you could do a straight backup and restore, or if you are alright with a bit of downtime, you can just copy all the files in the InfluxDB directory to the new server.

If you had multiple servers however, such as one influxDB set up on server A and another on server B, then your best option for v1.2 is to use the influx_inspect export ... command to get the data out, and then influx-import to pull the data back in. Please refer to the documentation here for further information.

Hope this helps!