Influxdb data migration from one server to another server

Hi All,

I am using influxdb 1.2. i have four influxdb machiens and want to reduce it two by migrating data. Currently garfana dashboards are using this data. Kindly help me how can i move the data from one machine to another.

Hello @sahithi,
Oof how much data are we talking about here?
There really isn’t a great solution for this in 1.x.
If you upgrade to 2.x you could use the following tool to export line protocol:

Otherwise for 1.x I’m afraid you might have to use a client library or Bash script with cURL requests and queries a reasonable amount of data at a time, converts to or returns the results as line protocol, and loop back in time until you’ve executed enough queries to capture all of your data. Then you could use the telegraf file plugin and write the data back to a new instance.


I would do that using Node-RED. See here.


Data is nearly about 30gb. We don’t have any plans to upgrade to 2.x .

Can you help me if you have any sample bash script that you mentioned.

Thanks in Advance

Hello @sahithi,
I believe you could mirror this logic (it was from before there was a 1.x->2.x migration tool):