Export data of a bucket from a server to another one


I have currently my influxDB v2 on a server, and would like to transfer it to another one.
I already installed the new influxDB on the second server, and I’m currently trying to transfer my buckets to this new one.

I saw on the documentation this page, and made some trials, without success.

Here is what I tried so far:

  1. Using influxd inspect:
    With following command line
influxd inspect export-lp --bucket-id xxx --engine-path ~/.influxdbv2/engine --ou
tput-path ExportTest.lp --compress

It correctly created the ExportTest.lp file, but weighted only 1kB. I’m not able to open/read this .lp file, but seems very lite to contain all the data.

  1. Using influx export
    With following command line:
influx export all --buckets MyBucket --org Datebook --file ExportTest

It also correctly create the ExportTest file, also weighted only 1KB. When I open it with notepad, it contain only this:

apiVersion: influxdata.com/v2alpha1
kind: Bucket
    name: kind-mirzakhani-4d5001
    name: MyBucket

So no bucket structure or data.

Can someone explain me what I did incorrect and how to correctly export the data from my current server?
Then I will try to import them on my server.