Export influxdb v2 data

Hi here is my influxdb v1 query to export data of last 24h, need to do same this with influxdb v2!

influx_inspect export -datadir “/opt/db/data” -waldir “/opt/influx/wal” -out “/home/log/DB_EXPORT/Export_MYDB_date --date "1days ago" +%Y-%m-%d” -database MYdb -retention autogen -start date --date "1days ago" +%Y-%m-%dT00:00:00.00Z -end date +%Y-%m-%dT00:00:00.00Z -compress

Any idea?

I’m also facing an issue with exporting the data, before the last update to influxDB container(used on a RPI with docker), I had a button to export data as csv file.

Now I can’t find this button anymore!!.. Also, i tried the CLI with the following command :

influx export --buckets bucket_Name --org org_Name --measurement measurement_Name --start “-30d” --file /path/InfluxDB2_data.csv --token “The_Access_Token”

but i receive:

Error: flag provided but not defined: -measurement

really appreciate any help