Metrics collection using Chronograf

InfluxDB is one of the time series databases that could be a potential candidate for storing the data for a project of ours. The maximum rate at which data is 8 Khz. We are trying to plot metrics like Write per second for a measurement in an Influx DB database using TICK Stack. We are hosting influxDB on Ubuntu and have followed the instruction in the following link

We are trying to create a dashboard for getting Write per second for a measurement in an Influx DB database. However, we could not find any corresponding documentation.

Can you please point us to the necessary documentation

@sabarishs Its a precanned dashboard if you are using telegraf to monitor InfluxDB. The same data also exists in the InfluxDB _internal database:

SELECT non_negative_derivative(max("pointReq")) AS "http_requests" FROM "_internal"."monitor."write" WHERE time > now() - 5m GROUP BY time(1m)

The data is not tagged with the measurement or database so this is just for the whole instance.

Thanks Jack… will test with query… I did not understand what u meant by precanned

@sabarishs Its a feature of chronograf. If you are running telegraf we will build some dashboards for you:

Thanks Jack for the clarification