Maximum number of fields and tags in the influxdb 2.0 version

I want to add tags the 100000 seneor value in the influxdb 2.0 oss version. when I trying to protocol submit, I received the error massage “failed to write data - invalid protocol line submitted”. what i will do???

kindly guide me.

How do you ‘submit’ protocol?
Can you show the example of a line?
Also, have you checked the line protocol syntax?

sample query -::::>
sensorbucket,TimeStamp=1643097733841 SENSOR912=1912,SENSOR913=1913,SENSOR1229=1589,SENSOR914=1914,SENSOR1228=1588,SENSOR915=1915,SENSOR1227=1587,SENSOR916=1916,SENSOR2558=3558,SENSOR3889=4889,SENSOR917=1917,…SENSOR5194=5194 1643097733841000000