Loud ML Install Issues

Hi all, I have been using Influxdb and Grafana for sometime. I want to be able to do some ai work on the data so walked through several of the posts out there on Loud ML and Influx. I installed the full TICK stack but I am having issues with Loud. I have installed the TICK stack along with LoudML but I do not see the One Click ML button in Chronograf. Where do I start to troubleshoot?

I found this link but it has not solved my problem.


Hello @boilermanc,
I’m not sure the LoudML solution is a fork of InfluxDB. I’m afraid if it’s not working, they’re the only ones with answers.

That being said, you might be interested in executing ML tasks with InfluxDB v2.x.
You can use:

Thanks @Anaisdg, I will work through what you sent and yes, I thought I may have to chat with the Loud folks and see if they know. Will post back once we figure it out.


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Dear @boilermanc,

You got any response. I am also looking for an option like this