Lost http access to Chronograf

I recently installed a docker app onto my Ubuntu 16.04 computer. It used port 80 and ‘Lets Encrypt’ to protect access. Immediately I found that I could not longer remotely access my chronograf application.
If I typed in http://websitename:8888 into chrome it changes to https://websitename:8888" and give the error message:


What has happened?
I uninstalled the app, uninstalled Docker, removed all docker directories and files. If I VNC to my desktop I can use localhost:8888 and all works just fine.

It has all started working again. I didn’t do anything. I note that Chronograf is its own web server, it does not use Apache. Would be useful to know a bit more about SSL encryption and authentication so looks like I have lots of reading to do.

Chronograf runs its own HTTP server, which is accessible on port 8888. A docker application which uses port 80 and Let’s Encrypt should not conflict with Chronograf.

Not sure exactly what happened with your setup, but glad it’s working again. You can read more about setting up TLS with Chronograf in our documentation.