Chronograf security doest not work

I’m tryng to aply Chronograf security procedure

This is instaled in a ubuntu 18.04 machine beside telegraf/influxDB and Grafana
I’m folloging all instructions, I’m create JWT token with Github and apparently all was exported. But when I follow the TLS instructions whith a self-signed certificates and after export the “testing.pem” In the last step:

INFO[0000] Serving chronograf at https://[::]:8888       component=server

I have this msg:
ERRO[0000] listen tcp bind: address already in use component=server
2019/10/30 12:06:48 listen tcp bind: address already in use

Can someone help me ?

Hi @kaciker, thanks for posting! Can you confirm that you don’t have multiple Chronograf’s running? I am not able to reproduce your issue with my running chronograf using https.